Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hordes of Hypocrites: Going it alone

First of all, I apologise for the lack of updates recently. I've had a load of shit kicking off in the last few weeks which has resulted in the decision of an exodus from Sheffield to the greener lands of Mancunia.

Coming to the point however - and if I go off on a drunken ramble, please forgive me - it has become clear today that certain alliances which I chose to take over the last few years or so have been wrong. I have been blinkered, manipulated with good popaganda before finally coming to the realisation that certain parties, like many before them, are charlatans. Quick to jump on certain anti-authoritarian band-wagons, but far less so at extending their supposed views of liberty and freedom to those who don't fit the desired mold.

Hardly surprising though is it? I mean, fuck, it's not like this shit hasn't happened before. The difference is, when you subscribe to an ideal and consequently ally yourself with those who proclaim a similar outlook only to be shown a short way down the line that those individuals in whom you'd placed trust and belief are in reality no different from the hordes of hypocrites already pulling the puppet strings. . . well: it's fucking sad.

The only way we'll ever see any difference is a true act of opposition. Unfortunately, the majority of the British population are too pussy-whipped by the govt, themselves, colleagues and co-workers to ever do this until shit gets really nasty. What do I say?

Let it fucking come!

With a little bit of luck I'll be off this shit-stinking peice of rock by then anyway. But what a nation we could've been, eh?

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Piss-taking Authoritarian Cunt-wits

Right – in an attempt to manage all my little projects, I was going to leave my rant till Friday but is too fucking much!

Not only are people being penalised – fucking hugely – because the servitors admin drones HMRC have totally, royally, completely and utterly fucked up, but there are plans afoot not only to rob the fuck out of us as usual but to actually make us – to an even greater extent – servants of the fucking state.
Not only will we be watched, nannied, arrested for sleeping in a place
they don't like, but we'll be at their behest for the money that is supposed to be ours. You know, the money that you and I work for – many of us in jobs we fucking hate – to feed ourselves, feed our families . . . fuck; I could soak it in petrol, shove it up my arse and set the fucker alight if it took my fancy and do you know why? Because it's MINE!

This is a fucking dire situation.

This is a true dystopia.

There is no justification for the state to take our money. They have no right to it. None. I just wonder how many of my fellow cuntrymen can actually see that. And how many would be willing to do something more than say “uhm, yeah, it's shit.”

How long are we really going to let them pull this shit?!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cuboards & Colanders - Prepare for the worst

Sometimes things hit me with such force that I am generally overcome: An apoplectic fit of anger reduces me to a twitching mass on the kitchen floor (generally smoke at the back door, in case your wondering about the kitchen), foaming at the mouth and gnashing teeth in a vague attempt to communicate my ire about whatever has not only got my goat but well and truly carted the poor little fucker off, got it addicted to crack in some dingy basement and has forced it on to the streets, complete with fish-nets and specially designed hoof-accommodating stilettos to earn its keep. Either that or the subject matter or the shear overload of such fits becomes too much and I’m once again reduced, though this time with a whole new kind of twitch, climb into the nearest cupboard with a colander balanced precariously on my head for the additional protection, nervously looking over my shoulder and wondering if the spider attempting to scale the wall behind me is a government agent while sorting through the toothpicks to see which is the sharpest and wishing I’d grabbed the meat knife for protection instead before padlocking the door and swallowing the key.

Paranoiac hyperbole aside, there is a serious point to this. The increasing tendency for people’s incredible stupidity to be legitimised and, something which is at least in part a consequence of this; the lengths to which we are inhabiting a state-controlled dystopia in which a eugenical agenda of curbing deviations from the norm is itself the norm.

The thing which finally caved my mind in and left me dribbling in disbelief at peoples’ stupidity was the Dawkins documentary of BBC Four last night on alternative therapies. Now, I knew that there are these lunatics out there who eschew science for mysticism – after all, the romanticism of ancient wisdom is more appealing to a know-nothing majority than the annoying realities of ‘fact’ and ‘truth’. Added to which, the ability to assert personal revelation as opposed to studying something critically, weighing up evidence and then explaining the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things is so much fucking easier. All you need to do to have this kind of ‘knowledge’ is the ability to dull-witted and doggedly assert your position no matter what evidence is supplied to the contrary.

This is all fine and dandy – we’ve always had nut-jobs ranting and raving about the ‘old ways’ and ‘divine revelation’, what isn’t so fine and dandy is that tax-payers are actually funding homeopathic ‘treatments’. I mean, doesn’t the NHS have enough fucking problems without proscribing a saline solution for the alleviations of symptoms? Doesn’t it have enough to contend with without doling out placebos with such an infinitesimal amount of the supposed ‘active ingredient’ as to be Pure. Fucking. Water. ?

Apparently not. Here’s an idea – why don’t we spend that fucking money on curing some fucking people?

Mebbe that’s just too fucking easy though . . .

It’s absurd that this kind of thing is being legitimised when it flies in the face of all accumulated knowledge and the scientific process.

While practitioners of the so-called ‘occult’ in times past were an arguable necessity in the development of science (in the early modern era there is literally no separation between wizard and ‘scientist’) the method that the plethora of all seekers after knowledge and understanding developed – i.e. the Scientific Method is basically being trampled on by fuckwits who want to set us back 500 years . . . more, in some cases.

People sacrificed their lives at the hands of the superstitious societies in which they lived in order to benefit mankind, to further human understanding. And an increasing number of so-called ‘enlightened’ cunts are throwing it out, far happier with their crystals and dream-catchers.

And so, if that is the current climate, then is it surprising that we now see the setting up of organisations like WASH. Yep. Salt, something vital for the body to function is apparently so fucking dangerous the whole fucking world needs to take ‘action’ on it.


This is the consequence of indoctrination of and by the supposedly ‘healthy living’ brigade who cling to their belief in much the same way as the religious and the ‘spiritual’ do – denying scientific evidence in favour of unsubstantiated ascertains.

The same lot of self-congratulatory fuckwits were responsible for the 'Ciggy-Busters' which saw the a school and local law-enforcement actively encouraging the idea of vigilante attacks – including theft, assault and harassment – against law-abiding citizens indulging in a legal activity in a place where it is condoned (don’t even get me started there – I’ll lose track) just because said citizens and said activists had a difference of opinion.

This kind of state-sanctioned harassment and violence is the natural continuation of what happens when you employ the kind of segregation based on beliefs – a kind of segregation not seen since the yanks decided to do away with separate water fountains (summat to do with the plumbing bills, mebbe?) – is that which we in Good Ol’ Blighty are living with every fucking day.

It’s not just us tar-lunged misanthropes either.

The uninformed majority have happily ignored the facts and willingly given the state increasing powers with which to fuck with us. It’s obviously the government’s fault if you’re fat because they didn’t protect you. Can’t be yours and all them pies, eh? So it’s infuriating but not surprising that institutions of indoctrination are now vetting the food that kids are bringing in to school and stealing it if it doesn’t conform to their warped idea of healthy and not healthy. vetting the food that kids are bringing in to school and stealing it if it doesn’t conform to their warped idea of healthy and non-healthy.

Moses would’ve lapped it up: “Neither shalt thou drink of the juice of sugary fruits!” Marvellous.

We are giving more and more power away. We are letting the imbeciles in charge dictate what we eat/drink/smoke, how/what/where we do it, infringe our privacy on a whim and - what’s more - the vast majority of us fucking love it.

Sure, occasionally bemoan the fact that a pint’s a bit pricey or that you liked it when you could smoke, but don’t you dare have the balls to actually run your own life – it’s not your responsibility, is it?

I’m going back to the cupboard. Colander, anyone?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Absence of Morality

This was supposed to be a comment adding to a discussion on morality being had over here but I think technology is rebelling against me forcing me to reword it slightly and post it here instead. Forgive anything I missed, like I said, it was supposed to be a comment:

Each generation’s attempt to convince itself that it has distanced itself from the previous is ultimately proven to be nothing more than self delusion. Sure some things are done differently and some attitudes change, but ultimately people remain the same. But the nature vs nurture argument goes far more deeply than the individual and his parent/guardian/custodian/mentor. We’re talking about learned behaviours on macroscopic scale where an entire society has grown up thinking that x is bad and y is good. This is reinforced with each generation. Irrespective of the tool with which this is enforced, these laws begin, over time and in cultural memory to gain some manner of ‘higher authority’. That authority, however, is perceived.

In utilising the term 'ethereal morality', while probably not the best choice of words, I was merely pointing towards this perceived ‘higher authority’. As an atheist myself, I see any kind of ‘morality’, when couched in such terms, to be counter-intuitive. More than that, I see them as a dangerous beginning towards a path to theism. Once x has been generally been admitted to be morally unsound then there’s nothing to keep y and z from quickly drifting into that same category as well. Just add a bit of religious dogma to grease the wheels . . .

I terms of evolution as well – it’s no surprise that we are actually less likely to rush headlong into all-out war than ‘societies of old’, this actually supports the idea that anything that could be referred to as ‘morality’ has evolved through a need for continued survival. While human culture has changed drastically over thousands of years, human beings have not evolved. We are still homo sapiens. We are still the same species.

Societies developed from the need for continued existence – chances of which were far greater when individuals dwelt together in packs. Like any pack with any species, ‘laws’ have to be followed in order for the pack’s survival. It will soon become apparent in any primitive pack anywhere in the world that arbitrary killing is going to be detrimental to the pack’s survival. That, I believe is why we have what could possibly be interpreted as a ‘shared moral outlook’, at least on certain issues in many parts of the world.

There have been many explanations as to the benefits of altruism in an evolutionary erspective. I don’t profess to be particularly knowledgeable on this and I don’t really have the time to brush up right now, but a quick glance here will give an overview of some of the main arguments.

Ultimately, I see nothing special or superior in altruism to signify a greater morality. If ‘morality’ is something more than an aide to living in an aggrandised pack, then where does it come from? In my opinion you’d have to either concede to some kind of higher power – not something that I’m willing to do and I’m sure that you’re not either – or to concede that it is a fallacy to attribute certain types of behaviour or lack there of, to something other than an evolved common sense.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

State Funded Religious Indoctrination

Time and time again, when I think about it, I realise that most of my gripes, rants, hatreds etc all have one common denominator: Stupidity. I’m not talking like acting like a bit of a tit because it’s a laugh, being a ditzy fuckwit on the odd occasion or acting like an over-excited child once in a while until reaching the point where you need a bit of a lay down with a cold flannel on your head. No. I’m talking about genuine, down to earth retarditude. Pillockliness. Fucknuttery.

Not knowing something is not stupidity. What defines stupidity in my estimation is not mere ignorance but wilful ignorance. If you’ve never seen, heard, or been presented with the evidence of a thing then you’re not going to have knowledge, or indeed a justified belief about that thing. If you are shown, told about or been presented with evidence for the existence of that thing and your view of the world remains completely unchanged, then you’re an idiot. You are stupid. Even if the evidence of/argument for said thing is tenuous; if it is justified and logical it should at least make you want to look into the matter. If for no other reason than to disprove the argument!

So why another rant about stupidity? Why am I once again on the logical vs illogical? Why am I beating this drum so hard I’ve had to flip it over because the other side’s got a hole in it?

Well, it’s down to Richard Dawkins’ programme Faith Schools Menace? Or rather it’s down to something that it highlighted in passing.

It’s not surprising that at some point the usual arguments about evolution were going to be brought up. Not only because this was a programme about faith oriented education, but rather because Dawkins is a biologist whose scientific work has largely been focused on evolution and natural selection. This may come as a surprise to some who would like Dawkins to be a pastiche of a militant atheist, baselessly raging against religion. This is a characterisation, incidentally, that I keep coming across when listening to various, increasingly left-wing BBC radio comedy series extolling the classically British ‘virtues’ of “don’t speak too loud, don’t rock the boat, don’t stir up trouble and everything will be okay, really.”

Dragging myself, kicking and screaming, back to the point:

The particular item within the programme that had me ranting until my gerbils tried to eat each other (no it’s not a bizarre euphemism – had to separate the furry little cunts . . . again) was during Dawkins’ visit to Madani High School; an Islamic, state funded school in Leicester. What he was particularly looking at during this segment was whether the pupils were properly informed about evolution and why, if so, did the school’s science teacher claim – not without some pride, I thought – that every student comes out of her classroom believing in intelligent design.

Recap: Students coming out of a science class opt for intelligent fucking design as the most logical explanation for the existence of the plethora of life on the planet. That is not a science class!

Dawkins was then asked by one of the pupils why, if humans evolved from chimpanzees then why did chimps still exit.

Hopefully, you’ll all see the obvious flaw in this question.

Dawkins first put the question to the science teacher who, after some awkward silence, had to admit she didn’t know. A science teacher, teaching evolution couldn’t answer this simple question! How the fuck is this bitch a teacher?!

Dawkins then went on to explain that we didn’t evolve from chimps but from a common ancestor and the programme moved on.

But this fucking stuck with me. I mean, despite the whole philosophical issue of faith-based education, despite the fact that if even a single school is indoctrinating children to believe a holy book as evidence above actual scientific fact*, what is really fucking worrying is that a science teacher obviously has a weaker grasp of the theory of evolution than a man on a three-day bender does on his pint pot!

How is this fucking possible? Seriously? People like this should only be allowed to cook for themselves under supervision let alone ‘educate’ someone in their formative years by filling their head with fucking detritus!

I can’t help wondering how many students attend this school and others like it. Whether mulsim, christian, jewish – I couldn’t give a fuck – any educational institution that claims to instruct pupils and let them make up their own mind but where 100% of the students come out of the class claiming to ‘know’ that intelligent design is correct needs to be fucking abolished. Then hopefully, in the same way that people are ‘de-programmed’ when saved from some crackpot cult, we can save some of these poor little bastards.

I can only hope that the reason these kids come out professing to believe in intelligent design is because they know there’d be dire consequences from these ‘teachers’ who claim to let them make up their own minds.

* For those uneducated and yet argumentative: Yes it is fact. Evolution is proven. The Theory of Evolution is natural selection. In other words; the theory that attempts to explain how evolution works.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Ideological vs the Practical

I have a problem.

Well, actually I have two. The first is that I originally wrote this up already, but then had a spastic attack and inadvertently pressed the wrong key and irretrievably deleted the text in its entirety, but that’s unrelated.

The reason I’m here – the reason I’ve returned from an unintended absence – is that I have a problem. It’s a moral dilemma I’ve been wrestling with and my opponent is all muscle and sinew and tendons of steel. I’m logically disposed to one course of action and yet ideologically compatible with the opposite; especially when it’s opposed by the puritanical zealots and the usual holier-than-thou brigade.

It’s perhaps unsurprising that I’m referring to smoking.

Let you fill you in: For the last month or two, I’ve been on one of my periodical yet uncharacteristic health-kicks. This phenomenon usually occurs every two to three years, instigated by an event preceding the realisation that an existence of office drudgery moving to pub, to laptop, to guitar, to bed *repeat* doesn’t really do much for one’s physique, stamina, strength etc. And so, in order counteract the weakling within (or without) I’ll throw some weights around in a half-arsed fashion, usually before nipping for another pint and another fag.

This time, however, there’s a difference? No, don’t worry, this isn’t that ‘it’s gonna be different this time’ cry of the wife-beater, or scag-head. The difference this time is mainly She, The Provider of Sexual Frivolities. Yep, she’s not only been on my case – precariously balancing like a circus seal – she’s been jumping up and down on it like a coke-fuelled (whichever, both work) child at a birthday party who’s had too many blue Smarties (you know, the old ones that had additives instead of water-colour paint) and probably a surreptitious swig from Auntie Edna’s hip-flask. Usually such behaviour would just get her another spell in the cupboard, but to be fair to her, I had been meaning to actually do something for a while.

So off to the gym it was for us, to pay many pennies and sign our souls away for access to a building housing heavy things and healthy people.

So I’m eating better, following a structured routine, cut back (note: NOT cut out! I refuse to become one of those joyless, poe-faced, self-righteous fuckwits that will interminably drivel on about what they’re abstaining from this week. Life, like alcohol, is there to be enjoyed!) and as a result I’m losing fat and slowly gaining some much needed muscle. Hooray for me!

The problem reared its ugly head the other day when I decided to up my cardio. Now, anybody that knows me is aware that I’m hardly the most energetic bastard on the planet, so I was pretty surprised that I can actually spend more than two minutes running like I’m being chased by a randy Frenchman without collapsing into a pile. What I did notice though was that if said Frenchman could keep the pace up for about 20-30 mins, I was fucked . . . literally. It became quite clear that if I’m going to increase stamina and endurance I’m going to have to knock the fags on the head.

Of course, I could always not do it and get healthier regardless – but quitting is just logical since I’ll be getting more benefit from killing meself in the gym.

Yet it feels like such a big concession when faced with things such as this and this.

The first is a clear demonstration of not only how politicised, but also, like climate change before it, also how much of a religion it has become. Indeed, The Righteous are more often than not paragons of everything from keeping their doorstep tidy, to recycling, anti-smoking and rubbing your face in how much more ‘perfect’ they are than you. We all know these people.

This is just exacerbated to an indefinable degree, however, once you think about it for a second. Here we have an institution which should by rights be committed to adherence to the scientific method in the pursuit of knowledge. The very thing they should not do is effectively excommunicate someone when his scientifically conducted research doesn’t end up justifying whatever wishy-washy belief system someone somewhere has probably received a brown envelope to tout.

Much in the same vein, the second link initially made me laugh but pretty soon I was crying, weeping once again for the loss of the human mind. These complete fuckwits – these worthless cunts who are so ready to swallow the salty goodness of whatever idiotic sermon they’re told are justified by the actions of places like the UCLA. It supports their idiotic views in the same way that the ‘learned men’ of the Church supported witch-hunts in years gone by. When left to the idiotic rabble, how long do you really think it’s going to be before some scally scum ‘parent’ takes it upon him or herself to stab, glass, suffocate with their rolls of fat some poor bastard who’s enjoying a fag outside his local (because some backwards fuckwit said he couldn’t enjoy two legal drugs at the same time)? And what’ll be his or her warcry? "Think of the kids!!!"

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Benefits and Benefitability or Why The Fuck Am I Wasting My Money On Parasitic Scum?

So, a few people have been whingeing – some directly, the more cowardly amongst them not so – about my perceived illiberal stance with regards to benefits and those granted refugee status.

Now, I say ‘perceived’ because I do not see anything particularly liberal about not reforming a system that throws money tax payer’s money at a people unwilling to contribute to society. Sure, the individual(s) receiving that money doesn’t have to do shit for it – in real fucking terms, going to sign on every couple of weeks and if you still haven’t found work, being made to go on a course for a week does not count! – So they’re free to do or not do whatever they want. However, those out working, earning and contributing to the system so that the whole fucking lot doesn’t collapse, have no choice but to give up a large percentage of their earnings to ensure just that. They lack the freedom to wake up at three pm, lounge around in their pant and do fuck all, or do all the things that those people slaving away would rather be doing.

Giving people money for nothing is an absurd ideology that breeds an inherent laziness in the population and a general, deep-seated psychological mentality that someone else is responsible for everything from giving some lippy kid in the street a slap when he gobs on your car to picking up litter from the communal garden at the front of your terrace. This mentality is so entrenched that now, when people do try to do something like clear the street of snow it’s possible for them to be prosecuted. Now that’s a fucked up state of affairs.

I can see people saying these issued are unrelated. These people fail to see that a society is a machine in which each part is reliant on the next – if one part goes tits up then the rest is sure to follow. No one issue is completely independent in our society, in the same way that no one individual can live completely independently within it.

I don’t give a flying fuck where the people come from; it’s inherently unfair for them to receive a boon for not contributing to a system they actively take from. I don’t care if they can trace their lineage back to King Alfred or if they turned up yesterday on the back of a large and previously unknown fucking dolphin – it doesn’t fucking matter. What does matter is that you shouldn’t be able to take when you contribute nothing. That is the way of the parasite.

If you’re in the pub and there’s one tight cunt that continually disappears when it’s his turn to get a round in, what do you do? You are rightly angry seeing as you have been ripped off so either you stop getting his – in which case he is forced to make a contribution – or you remove him from your group.

Why is it seen as bad form in the bar but we let bastards get away with the same shit on a massive scale every fucking day of the week and it’s enshrined in our minds as social fucking responsibility?!

People should have to pay tax for five years (arbitrary figure) before being allowed any type of benefit.* Allowances could be made if the amount of tax paid exceeds (x), I suppose, where (x) is equal or greater than the average 5 year contribution, but that’s a technicality.

If a system such as the above was instigated then it would actually make it an impossibility for people to sit on their arse and get paid for it.

And accepting more people, who haven’t contributed to the system on the back of a miserable excuse calculated to manipulate the hearts of the leftist political-correct fuckwits (who seem to be incessant in their tribble-like breeding!) just takes the piss.

*Incidentally, I do seem to remember DK arguing something similar to this – I would make the comparison but as far as I’m aware, the archives are still unavailable and I had been ranting about this before I stumbled across his blog.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Filthy Smokers Cost NHS Billions

Hounded on the street, discriminated against in society, excluded from public places, refused life saving medical treatment – I’m not going to talk about how smokers have become the last
true minority – we know. We’ve read it repeatedly, can see it for ourselves and the only people that actually disagree are the self-righteous, holier-than-thou white knights rushing in to save us from everything from red meat to carbon emissions. Well, them and people too intellectually devoid to trust anything other than the mainstream media’s paid for position that we’re continually spoon fed. These people I consider one and the same – they are the congregation to the Self-righteous’ church, lapping up every word like holy jism slipping saltily down the throat in the vestry of St Absurdio’s.

What really pisses me off is that I consider myself to be a considerate smoker – by which I mean I won’t blow it in your whiney little face, even if it seems incredibly tempting – and yet still there are those who feel they can tear into me for enjoying a smoke.

My usual response to these people is that I’m harming only myself, I do it away from them and I pay my fucking taxes, so you can fuck right off. And we all know the response: Some half baked idea that the amount that we, as smokers, cost the NHS is far greater than the amount of tax revenue generated by tobacco sales.

Well, according to the Governments own statistics, smokers are costing the NHS £2.7bn while the revenue generated by the tax on tobacco products is around £8.8bn!

I’m not going to get into a complex economical debate but I hardly fucking have to!

This is the reason why the government will not make smoking completely illegal. The money they make from it is just too fucking attractive. They’ll demonise those of us who still haven’t quit, who stand in the rain when everyone’s enjoying the warmth of the pub while our mates enjoy the ‘smoke free environment’ (personally I call it a lack of fucking ambience, but there we go) and they’ll cross the street to avoid us like the plague but they’ll still take our cash, thanks . . . and still plough our taxes into advocacy groups:

Too Stupid to Live in Your Own Country? We'll Put You Up!

I’m sorry but this is just fucking absurd. Being gay is no reason to grant someone refugee status no matter what their native country’s attitude to it is!

I mean, what the fuck is wrong with us? Are we just going to grant everyone refugee status? Fair enough, the guy was attacked – that’s pretty savage – but he was attacked outside his home by a mob for being queer in public. Well, that’s just fucking stupid! With the full knowledge of the reaction likely to be generated by his actions, this guy still decided to act the way he did – we can’t just give refugee status to every stupid cunt!

If you go to a dinner party you don’t turn up in your pants (unless it’s a particularly good dinner party) – you are aware of your environment and – despite whether or not you agree with the conventions – you conduct yourself in a manner befitting to that situation. When not conducting yourself in such a manner is likely to result in being beaten to death by a fucking mob then, I’m sorry mate, you’re a prick.

And the fact that we, as a nation, then turn round and say “Ahh, so you’re a prick? Well, we haven’t got enough of those, why don’t you COME THE FUCK IN, SIT DOWN AND HAVE A FUCKING CUP OF TEA! Don’t worry, it’s on us and you’ll be a star at next years gay fucking pride parade!”

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Ongoing March of the Bubble-wrap Brigade

The health and safety fuckwits are on the march once more: Parents threatened with social services’ intervention if they do not supervise their children’s bike ride to school: and rugby - in schools at least – to undergo a face-lift whereby the scrum is outlawed because someone might get hurt: What the fuck?

In the first case, I applaud this couples wish to enable their children a degree of freedom and self-sufficiency which they themselves enjoyed. In the latter, all contact sport can be dangerous – it is refereed to minimise that danger, although a small percentage of injuries will, no doubt be sustained.

In both cases, am I seriously being told that the children would be ‘safe’ if these factors were removed? If the answer’s yes, then these fuckwits have got their heads buried so far in their own arses that it’s a wonder they don’t just pop out of existence. Kids cycling to school alone are apparently at risk from ‘stranger danger’ (a term which I incidentally loathe due to it’s insinuation that every stranger is some dirty mack-wearing paedo whose single track mind is to find a vulnerable child to show some puppies to) and traffic accidents. Heh – well, we’re all at risk of being mowed down as soon as we step out of our front doors. The fact that these kids are cycling through back streets minimises this in as much as it can be minimised. As far as the strangers are concerned, there’s a chance that everyone at meet might not have the most honourable intentions, but is this a reason to stop their interaction with the rest of humanity?!

As far as possible injuries sustained during contact sports goes; I’m sure most people will agree that children are far more likely to injure themselves and each other when not engaging in a game that, while is a good outlet for physical aggression, is regimented and refereed.
What really fucks with my head with these two stories, though, is that we’re continually bombarded by a certain section of the population, that unless we cycle everywhere and play sports and eat our vegetables and wash behind our ears, we’ll all die before we’re thirty and be reprobate souls until we do. . . and then the same bunch of interfering cuntlords (there’s more than a little overlap) comes along to tell us we can’t do it after all because we might hurt ourselves.
The only way the possible dangers in the above situations could be avoided is if children – like smoking – are banned from public places and raised in isolation until such time as they can be released in to the community without being carried off by a nonce or skinning their knees after a fall (mental anguish, possibility that the wound might get infected with plague or some such).

Instead of wasting time on traditionally normal, ‘moral’ (whatever that is) and generally upstanding behaviour, why can’t these glorified excuses for curtain twitchers stop interfering in the normal lives of normal people and help some poor bastards that actually need that help?! While time’s wasted on these pathetic charades the kids that really need it are just going to go wanting. . .

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Belief Cunts for a Lot

Would someone please explain to me why the Paedophile Militia Vatican Church as a whole believes it's got some manner of preordained right to be be treated differently from the rest of the world's citizens purely because these deranged fuckwits wear dresses and claim to hear voices?!

Some poor sod down the street from me used to wear dresses; said he could hear voices too - for some reason the cops didn't like that cunt though.  In fact, let's not be harsh:  no cunt liked that cunt so it's probably only reasonable to surmise that that cunt got slammed on more occasions than a cheap whore's cunt furry front bottom.

I am, of course, referring to the whinging of our great moral superiors following the disgusting debacle of suspected criminals being treated like suspected fucking criminals!  Seriously - what the fuck's the problem?!  If it was a bunch of CEO's as opposed to a bunch of bishops being held, do you really think anyone would say the cops should have gone through their employer?  Do you really think anyone would recommend that while the raid is being carried out that these suspects should be allowed to retain their mobiles so that they might contact the Vatican possible fellow suspects?! 

Of course they fucking wouldn't!  The Church - as well as the rest of the religious organisations - need to realise that they operate with society's consent, not the other way round!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Gun-powder Farce

So, the first thing I hear this morning as my bleary eyes begrundgingly greet the day - after, that is, the Misses shouting at me to get my lazy arse out of bed for the day-job - is some fine progressive-thinking individual talking about banning firearms. . . again.
lunatic hippy nut-job 

What these procrastinating fuckwits fail to understand is that if an indivdual makes the decision to go on a rampage randomly slaughtering people he will do it, regardless of whatever draconian laws are in place to supposedly "protect" society. A gun is nothing more than a tool; no different from a shovel or axe - both of which would do a similar job. A nail-gun can be particularly nasty but they're not going to be banned and we're forgetting the prime culprit which most people possess and is readily available: the car, but are we really going allow the removal of useful every-day tools because of some fuckwit's misuse of them? It's illogical in the extreme.

If the banning of firearms was effective then this wouldn't have happened: The Hungerford massacre led to the banning of semi-auto rifles, Dumblane resulted in the banning of pistols. Neither have these bans prevented this latest spree nor have they meant that the weapons they legislated against are not available. If you go to the right place in the right town or know the right bloke in the right pub then you can walk away with more than a flea-bitten mongrel which kind of proves my point that the weapons are in the hands, by and large of the criminals and the government (que the "one-and-the-same" comments). The majority of the public do not have either the ability or legislation to defend themselves.

So we're forced to rely on the police which treats the symptom, not the problem. Giving people the freedom to defend themselves, their property and their families means less violent crime. Giving people the means to protcet themselves means that incidents like this latest one would be dealt with far more quickly - it's obviously more difficult to shoot something that actually shoots back! The laws currently in place (and probably soon to be further bolstered) mean that the populace is meek to the whims of those who have access to firearms, whoever they are.

But this is the society we live in, isn't it? It's the one that's been bred by both previous governments. Admittedly, NuLab did it far better than the tories ever did, but that's because personal responsibility is an anathema to socialism. We live in a society where it's made difficult for me to by a new chopping knife and 18 cans on my weekly shop despite the fact that any little fuckwit wanting a crafty sup will steal it from wherever he can to do so or some violent bastard wanting to stab someone doesn't need to go any further than his nearest cutlery drawer.

In short, people that want to break Law A aren't going to be fazed by having to break Law B first. All Law B does is leave us vulnerable and waiting, knowing that it's all going to go tits-up, just not knowing when!

Friday, 21 May 2010

Fury of the sticky, wrath of the salty

Riddle me this; why, by Health & Safety the cotton-wool and bubble-wrap brigade, is it deemed less of a risk/best practice etc to treat people like two-year-olds and prevent them from opening windows in public buildings, places of work etc? It may not be like it in yours – believe me, you are fortunate.
For the time being, I sit here, sweating not in the gloriously warm weather that I can just about admire through the filth-coated visage of our seldom never cleaned beautifully pristine office windows, but in the dank, lifeless, foetid, dead air that’s been continually recycled since the system was installed a few years back. I’m sure I smelled one of my own wafting past the other day but as we hadn’t been acquainted for quite some time, I couldn’t be entirely sure. . .
I’m certain this is the reason I’m continually going down with, or emerging from a bout of Foul-snot Syndrome (at this very moment I battle on, mightily while The Dispenser of Sexual Frivolities (it’s better than what I usually call her) languishes on a damn hillock of soggy tissues. . . maybe not a huge change from the usual, but at least they don't tend to be green.
Anyway, I’m getting off the point. My gripe isn’t temperature and sweatiness per se (a visage of glistening skin can always be of interest when slaving away. . . erm, or so I’m told anyway), my gripe is that we are continually told, despite evidence to the contrary, that the primitive excuse for a cooling system (it doesn’t count as ‘air-con’ – it’s not good enough) keeps the internal environment at the perfect balance blah blah blah
Even if that were true, am I the last fucking person that enjoys fresh air?!
How is a workforce continually going down with the same coughs and colds beneficial?
In fact, mid-rant I realise that part of the piss-poor excuse of moving our cool, spacious, slightly-troll-like-in-that-it-made-you-feel-like-one smoking area and built a small bus shelter that you can maybe squeeze five people into and then threaten you with disciplinary action should you stand outside it, was that a non-smoking colleague could have the window open and might breath in some of the icky smoke and maybe have a wittul bit of a coffie-waffie and THEN YOU’LL ALL GET CANCER AND DIE AND THAT’LL SHOW YOU, YOU FOUL, DISGUSTING, DEGENERATE PIECE OF SHIT OF A HUMAN BEING NOW OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SAY YOU LIKE MY SHIT!
Oh, I’m forgetting, someone could fall out and hurt themselves or might breathe pollen and their head explodes they get a runny nose or some other contrivance . . . personally I would rather a thousand cunt-footed-perambulatory failures went rushing to their deaths with pollen stabbing them in the eyeballs if I could have a nice bit of a breeze . . .pub anyone?

Friday, 14 May 2010

Socialists, facebook & 'diversity'

So last night I post a link to this blog http://http:/ with some comments about how it sums up many of my own feelings on the subject and blah, blah,blah.

Yep - I forgot where I was; the veritible utopia of the unthinking trendy socialist we know as facebook.

Maybe it's not the same for you but I would estimate that a good 85% of those on my facebook page are flag waving, reactionary socialists . . . many of them not because they have really given matters any real thought, but on a gut feeling of what is right and propper.

"Equality is good" they say and proceed to tell you how no one should be treated differently from anyone else before concocting some plan whereby some arbitrarily chosen social 'minority' is 'assisted' (given unfair advantage) to gain something over and above somone not deemed to be some kind of social leper.


I'm sorry to say I used most of my rational arguments about how any 'minority' group labelling itself as such is automatically casting itself in the role of the victim and thus always would be; or the ones about how by making a song and dance about it actually creates an issue where there shouldnb't actually be one; or even the one that says it's just fucking patronising - I cannot be arsed. After continuing to read more putrid ordure spilling from the lips of these unthinking left-wing, hippy cunts - both the clusterfuck on facebook and the rampant plague across the tinterwebs - all I can really do is sit her twitching trying not to scare my collegues and co-workers by going on a +20db rant about socialist fuckwits.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

when the kitchen closes do we all starve?

I can't help but feel dissapointed that Chris Mounsey aka DK, following his appearance on the Daily Politics in his capacity as LPUK leader, has chosen to bow down to the beratement of Brillo and basically re-start the Devil's Kitchen blog from scratch.

WhileI understand that the two personas of DK and Chris Mounsey weren't necessarily completely compatible (I very much doubt that the latter would use the language of the former in his capacity as a political leader, for example), neither are they mutually exclusive: The Devil gave an unapologetic voice to the anger he felt - and who gives two fucking shits about the language he used?! Does it make his points any less valid?

Fuck no!

Does it go some way to iterate to his blog's followers the anger that he feels about an issue? The answer's obvious! If the sweariness of some blog or other really offends you that much then - guess what? - don't fucking read it!

So not only did the unapologetic Devil give in leaving Chris to face the fallout for comments his alter ego made, but the archives of DK have been removed and the blog reformatted. My dissapointment isn't just because I have enjoyed, for the last year or two, reading the Devil's vitriolic rants that seemed in many respects to be in line with my own. It isn't just because - like a few other people I've come across - DK's blog was one of the contributing factors that lead me to LPUK in the first place. It's because not only did his political inexperience become evident on the show itself but also the very act of removing the offending article goes against the Libertarian principles that he's standing for let alone compounding an a bad experince by seemingly admitting defeat!

While I'm glad he's carrying on I see no reason why he should feel compelled to change his style - wether that be the use of language or the graphic descriptions of individuals' demises!

Afterall - everybody needs a bit of violence . . .