Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Piss-taking Authoritarian Cunt-wits

Right – in an attempt to manage all my little projects, I was going to leave my rant till Friday but http://aljahom.wordpress.com/2010/09/07/oh-no-no-you-fucking-dont/ is too fucking much!

Not only are people being penalised – fucking hugely – because the servitors admin drones HMRC have totally, royally, completely and utterly fucked up, but there are plans afoot not only to rob the fuck out of us as usual but to actually make us – to an even greater extent – servants of the fucking state.
Not only will we be watched, nannied, arrested for sleeping in a place
they don't like, but we'll be at their behest for the money that is supposed to be ours. You know, the money that you and I work for – many of us in jobs we fucking hate – to feed ourselves, feed our families . . . fuck; I could soak it in petrol, shove it up my arse and set the fucker alight if it took my fancy and do you know why? Because it's MINE!

This is a fucking dire situation.

This is a true dystopia.

There is no justification for the state to take our money. They have no right to it. None. I just wonder how many of my fellow cuntrymen can actually see that. And how many would be willing to do something more than say “uhm, yeah, it's shit.”

How long are we really going to let them pull this shit?!

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