Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hordes of Hypocrites: Going it alone

First of all, I apologise for the lack of updates recently. I've had a load of shit kicking off in the last few weeks which has resulted in the decision of an exodus from Sheffield to the greener lands of Mancunia.

Coming to the point however - and if I go off on a drunken ramble, please forgive me - it has become clear today that certain alliances which I chose to take over the last few years or so have been wrong. I have been blinkered, manipulated with good popaganda before finally coming to the realisation that certain parties, like many before them, are charlatans. Quick to jump on certain anti-authoritarian band-wagons, but far less so at extending their supposed views of liberty and freedom to those who don't fit the desired mold.

Hardly surprising though is it? I mean, fuck, it's not like this shit hasn't happened before. The difference is, when you subscribe to an ideal and consequently ally yourself with those who proclaim a similar outlook only to be shown a short way down the line that those individuals in whom you'd placed trust and belief are in reality no different from the hordes of hypocrites already pulling the puppet strings. . . well: it's fucking sad.

The only way we'll ever see any difference is a true act of opposition. Unfortunately, the majority of the British population are too pussy-whipped by the govt, themselves, colleagues and co-workers to ever do this until shit gets really nasty. What do I say?

Let it fucking come!

With a little bit of luck I'll be off this shit-stinking peice of rock by then anyway. But what a nation we could've been, eh?

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