Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Belief Cunts for a Lot

Would someone please explain to me why the Paedophile Militia Vatican Church as a whole believes it's got some manner of preordained right to be be treated differently from the rest of the world's citizens purely because these deranged fuckwits wear dresses and claim to hear voices?!

Some poor sod down the street from me used to wear dresses; said he could hear voices too - for some reason the cops didn't like that cunt though.  In fact, let's not be harsh:  no cunt liked that cunt so it's probably only reasonable to surmise that that cunt got slammed on more occasions than a cheap whore's cunt furry front bottom.

I am, of course, referring to the whinging of our great moral superiors following the disgusting debacle of suspected criminals being treated like suspected fucking criminals!  Seriously - what the fuck's the problem?!  If it was a bunch of CEO's as opposed to a bunch of bishops being held, do you really think anyone would say the cops should have gone through their employer?  Do you really think anyone would recommend that while the raid is being carried out that these suspects should be allowed to retain their mobiles so that they might contact the Vatican possible fellow suspects?! 

Of course they fucking wouldn't!  The Church - as well as the rest of the religious organisations - need to realise that they operate with society's consent, not the other way round!

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