Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Belief Cunts for a Lot

Would someone please explain to me why the Paedophile Militia Vatican Church as a whole believes it's got some manner of preordained right to be be treated differently from the rest of the world's citizens purely because these deranged fuckwits wear dresses and claim to hear voices?!

Some poor sod down the street from me used to wear dresses; said he could hear voices too - for some reason the cops didn't like that cunt though.  In fact, let's not be harsh:  no cunt liked that cunt so it's probably only reasonable to surmise that that cunt got slammed on more occasions than a cheap whore's cunt furry front bottom.

I am, of course, referring to the whinging of our great moral superiors following the disgusting debacle of suspected criminals being treated like suspected fucking criminals!  Seriously - what the fuck's the problem?!  If it was a bunch of CEO's as opposed to a bunch of bishops being held, do you really think anyone would say the cops should have gone through their employer?  Do you really think anyone would recommend that while the raid is being carried out that these suspects should be allowed to retain their mobiles so that they might contact the Vatican possible fellow suspects?! 

Of course they fucking wouldn't!  The Church - as well as the rest of the religious organisations - need to realise that they operate with society's consent, not the other way round!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Gun-powder Farce

So, the first thing I hear this morning as my bleary eyes begrundgingly greet the day - after, that is, the Misses shouting at me to get my lazy arse out of bed for the day-job - is some fine progressive-thinking individual talking about banning firearms. . . again.
lunatic hippy nut-job 

What these procrastinating fuckwits fail to understand is that if an indivdual makes the decision to go on a rampage randomly slaughtering people he will do it, regardless of whatever draconian laws are in place to supposedly "protect" society. A gun is nothing more than a tool; no different from a shovel or axe - both of which would do a similar job. A nail-gun can be particularly nasty but they're not going to be banned and we're forgetting the prime culprit which most people possess and is readily available: the car, but are we really going allow the removal of useful every-day tools because of some fuckwit's misuse of them? It's illogical in the extreme.

If the banning of firearms was effective then this wouldn't have happened: The Hungerford massacre led to the banning of semi-auto rifles, Dumblane resulted in the banning of pistols. Neither have these bans prevented this latest spree nor have they meant that the weapons they legislated against are not available. If you go to the right place in the right town or know the right bloke in the right pub then you can walk away with more than a flea-bitten mongrel which kind of proves my point that the weapons are in the hands, by and large of the criminals and the government (que the "one-and-the-same" comments). The majority of the public do not have either the ability or legislation to defend themselves.

So we're forced to rely on the police which treats the symptom, not the problem. Giving people the freedom to defend themselves, their property and their families means less violent crime. Giving people the means to protcet themselves means that incidents like this latest one would be dealt with far more quickly - it's obviously more difficult to shoot something that actually shoots back! The laws currently in place (and probably soon to be further bolstered) mean that the populace is meek to the whims of those who have access to firearms, whoever they are.

But this is the society we live in, isn't it? It's the one that's been bred by both previous governments. Admittedly, NuLab did it far better than the tories ever did, but that's because personal responsibility is an anathema to socialism. We live in a society where it's made difficult for me to by a new chopping knife and 18 cans on my weekly shop despite the fact that any little fuckwit wanting a crafty sup will steal it from wherever he can to do so or some violent bastard wanting to stab someone doesn't need to go any further than his nearest cutlery drawer.

In short, people that want to break Law A aren't going to be fazed by having to break Law B first. All Law B does is leave us vulnerable and waiting, knowing that it's all going to go tits-up, just not knowing when!