Thursday, 15 April 2010

when the kitchen closes do we all starve?

I can't help but feel dissapointed that Chris Mounsey aka DK, following his appearance on the Daily Politics in his capacity as LPUK leader, has chosen to bow down to the beratement of Brillo and basically re-start the Devil's Kitchen blog from scratch.

WhileI understand that the two personas of DK and Chris Mounsey weren't necessarily completely compatible (I very much doubt that the latter would use the language of the former in his capacity as a political leader, for example), neither are they mutually exclusive: The Devil gave an unapologetic voice to the anger he felt - and who gives two fucking shits about the language he used?! Does it make his points any less valid?

Fuck no!

Does it go some way to iterate to his blog's followers the anger that he feels about an issue? The answer's obvious! If the sweariness of some blog or other really offends you that much then - guess what? - don't fucking read it!

So not only did the unapologetic Devil give in leaving Chris to face the fallout for comments his alter ego made, but the archives of DK have been removed and the blog reformatted. My dissapointment isn't just because I have enjoyed, for the last year or two, reading the Devil's vitriolic rants that seemed in many respects to be in line with my own. It isn't just because - like a few other people I've come across - DK's blog was one of the contributing factors that lead me to LPUK in the first place. It's because not only did his political inexperience become evident on the show itself but also the very act of removing the offending article goes against the Libertarian principles that he's standing for let alone compounding an a bad experince by seemingly admitting defeat!

While I'm glad he's carrying on I see no reason why he should feel compelled to change his style - wether that be the use of language or the graphic descriptions of individuals' demises!

Afterall - everybody needs a bit of violence . . .

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