Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Too Stupid to Live in Your Own Country? We'll Put You Up!

I’m sorry but this is just fucking absurd. Being gay is no reason to grant someone refugee status no matter what their native country’s attitude to it is!

I mean, what the fuck is wrong with us? Are we just going to grant everyone refugee status? Fair enough, the guy was attacked – that’s pretty savage – but he was attacked outside his home by a mob for being queer in public. Well, that’s just fucking stupid! With the full knowledge of the reaction likely to be generated by his actions, this guy still decided to act the way he did – we can’t just give refugee status to every stupid cunt!

If you go to a dinner party you don’t turn up in your pants (unless it’s a particularly good dinner party) – you are aware of your environment and – despite whether or not you agree with the conventions – you conduct yourself in a manner befitting to that situation. When not conducting yourself in such a manner is likely to result in being beaten to death by a fucking mob then, I’m sorry mate, you’re a prick.

And the fact that we, as a nation, then turn round and say “Ahh, so you’re a prick? Well, we haven’t got enough of those, why don’t you COME THE FUCK IN, SIT DOWN AND HAVE A FUCKING CUP OF TEA! Don’t worry, it’s on us and you’ll be a star at next years gay fucking pride parade!”

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