Thursday, 2 September 2010

Cuboards & Colanders - Prepare for the worst

Sometimes things hit me with such force that I am generally overcome: An apoplectic fit of anger reduces me to a twitching mass on the kitchen floor (generally smoke at the back door, in case your wondering about the kitchen), foaming at the mouth and gnashing teeth in a vague attempt to communicate my ire about whatever has not only got my goat but well and truly carted the poor little fucker off, got it addicted to crack in some dingy basement and has forced it on to the streets, complete with fish-nets and specially designed hoof-accommodating stilettos to earn its keep. Either that or the subject matter or the shear overload of such fits becomes too much and I’m once again reduced, though this time with a whole new kind of twitch, climb into the nearest cupboard with a colander balanced precariously on my head for the additional protection, nervously looking over my shoulder and wondering if the spider attempting to scale the wall behind me is a government agent while sorting through the toothpicks to see which is the sharpest and wishing I’d grabbed the meat knife for protection instead before padlocking the door and swallowing the key.

Paranoiac hyperbole aside, there is a serious point to this. The increasing tendency for people’s incredible stupidity to be legitimised and, something which is at least in part a consequence of this; the lengths to which we are inhabiting a state-controlled dystopia in which a eugenical agenda of curbing deviations from the norm is itself the norm.

The thing which finally caved my mind in and left me dribbling in disbelief at peoples’ stupidity was the Dawkins documentary of BBC Four last night on alternative therapies. Now, I knew that there are these lunatics out there who eschew science for mysticism – after all, the romanticism of ancient wisdom is more appealing to a know-nothing majority than the annoying realities of ‘fact’ and ‘truth’. Added to which, the ability to assert personal revelation as opposed to studying something critically, weighing up evidence and then explaining the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things is so much fucking easier. All you need to do to have this kind of ‘knowledge’ is the ability to dull-witted and doggedly assert your position no matter what evidence is supplied to the contrary.

This is all fine and dandy – we’ve always had nut-jobs ranting and raving about the ‘old ways’ and ‘divine revelation’, what isn’t so fine and dandy is that tax-payers are actually funding homeopathic ‘treatments’. I mean, doesn’t the NHS have enough fucking problems without proscribing a saline solution for the alleviations of symptoms? Doesn’t it have enough to contend with without doling out placebos with such an infinitesimal amount of the supposed ‘active ingredient’ as to be Pure. Fucking. Water. ?

Apparently not. Here’s an idea – why don’t we spend that fucking money on curing some fucking people?

Mebbe that’s just too fucking easy though . . .

It’s absurd that this kind of thing is being legitimised when it flies in the face of all accumulated knowledge and the scientific process.

While practitioners of the so-called ‘occult’ in times past were an arguable necessity in the development of science (in the early modern era there is literally no separation between wizard and ‘scientist’) the method that the plethora of all seekers after knowledge and understanding developed – i.e. the Scientific Method is basically being trampled on by fuckwits who want to set us back 500 years . . . more, in some cases.

People sacrificed their lives at the hands of the superstitious societies in which they lived in order to benefit mankind, to further human understanding. And an increasing number of so-called ‘enlightened’ cunts are throwing it out, far happier with their crystals and dream-catchers.

And so, if that is the current climate, then is it surprising that we now see the setting up of organisations like WASH. Yep. Salt, something vital for the body to function is apparently so fucking dangerous the whole fucking world needs to take ‘action’ on it.


This is the consequence of indoctrination of and by the supposedly ‘healthy living’ brigade who cling to their belief in much the same way as the religious and the ‘spiritual’ do – denying scientific evidence in favour of unsubstantiated ascertains.

The same lot of self-congratulatory fuckwits were responsible for the 'Ciggy-Busters' which saw the a school and local law-enforcement actively encouraging the idea of vigilante attacks – including theft, assault and harassment – against law-abiding citizens indulging in a legal activity in a place where it is condoned (don’t even get me started there – I’ll lose track) just because said citizens and said activists had a difference of opinion.

This kind of state-sanctioned harassment and violence is the natural continuation of what happens when you employ the kind of segregation based on beliefs – a kind of segregation not seen since the yanks decided to do away with separate water fountains (summat to do with the plumbing bills, mebbe?) – is that which we in Good Ol’ Blighty are living with every fucking day.

It’s not just us tar-lunged misanthropes either.

The uninformed majority have happily ignored the facts and willingly given the state increasing powers with which to fuck with us. It’s obviously the government’s fault if you’re fat because they didn’t protect you. Can’t be yours and all them pies, eh? So it’s infuriating but not surprising that institutions of indoctrination are now vetting the food that kids are bringing in to school and stealing it if it doesn’t conform to their warped idea of healthy and not healthy. vetting the food that kids are bringing in to school and stealing it if it doesn’t conform to their warped idea of healthy and non-healthy.

Moses would’ve lapped it up: “Neither shalt thou drink of the juice of sugary fruits!” Marvellous.

We are giving more and more power away. We are letting the imbeciles in charge dictate what we eat/drink/smoke, how/what/where we do it, infringe our privacy on a whim and - what’s more - the vast majority of us fucking love it.

Sure, occasionally bemoan the fact that a pint’s a bit pricey or that you liked it when you could smoke, but don’t you dare have the balls to actually run your own life – it’s not your responsibility, is it?

I’m going back to the cupboard. Colander, anyone?

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